Shahad Albandar
In 1987 the fashion designer Shahad Albandar was born on 21 November in Kuwait. Shahad started early fashion as she grew up in an aesthetic surrounding of a family business specialized in children clothes all made in London.

2009 Shahad graduated from the university of administrative science in accounting.

In 2010, she started her business in growns before deciding to launch her own label.

In December 2012, she returned from London to Kuwait and launched her first collection Made in London. Shahad's first collection was sold in varius countries on many shops there, initially from Qatar, Uae, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Her followers and customers are from all around the world.

In 2013, Shahad had her first fashion show in Saudi Arabia and highly acclaimed by clients and reviewed.

Shahad Albandar collections appeared various cutting edge international magazines and blogs. Shahad Albandar designs have administration of all the magazine, blogs and people who like her designs named her first collecction many names, such us the Queen Diana and princess designs and many royal names.

In 2015 Shahad mived to Paris and finally she decided to design her second collection there. She use exquisite fabrics to create chic so she chose the best types of fabrics materials from Paris, and all her dresses are crafted by best french dressmakers handmade in Paris.

By the end of 2015 Shahad completed her second collection and she chose Paris also as the location for her photoshoot so she chose professional photographer from London to do the phot shoots for her collection, the photographer moved to Paris to shoot Shahad collection.

In 2018 Shahad completed her third collection and she chose Paris also as the location for her photoshoot and chose professional photographer from Paris, and thet shoot collection at the palace of hearth of Paris.

In 2020, Shahad launched her new brand under the name “Maison de soiree”.
She’s the founder and the designer for this Brand « MDS » The Haute Couture creates luxurious gowns for modern women. Its main focus is on the quality of fabric which is collected from all around.

In 2021 shahad is further continuing her studies in bachelor fashion designing in the best Fashion university in Paris and she has also learned French in “Riviera cote d'Azur”.

In 2022 Shahad launched her New collection SS/2022 and she chose Spain as the location for her photoshoot, and all the designs designed in Paris.

In Shahad's point of view, the degree is just a piece of paper actual thing is interest, knowledge, and creativity in a particular field.
“If you have creativity, passion and talent you don't need a degree to fulfill your dreams, it's just a stepping stone to achieving your goals.”

All shahad Designs are displayed in Harvey Nichols.
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